Simple Home Remedy for Skin Moisture Control

By your mid-30’s, many women (and men!) notice that their skin becomes drier. This may be a pleasant change for individuals who have had oily skin in the past, but ladies with normal or dry skin may notice that their skin seems flaky, tight, and lacks the glossy sheen that moisture provides.

Dry skin is produced not just by moisture loss from the skin’s surface layer, but also by a lack of fluid flowing upward from the skin’s underlying layers. The top layer of skin is softened and moisturized by using a moisturizer, but the results are just temporary.

If you do suffer from dry skin I’d suggest you buy it in bulk.

To have soft, flexible, moist skin, you must lubricate it from the inside out. To keep your body tissues hydrated, drink at least six glasses of clean water every day and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Don’t wait till you’re thirsty to drink since you’re already dehydrated. Instead, have a jug of water nearby to drink throughout the day. If plain water bores you, make unsweetened or mildly sweetened herbal teas like linden flower, chamomile, or mint.

A wet external environment also keeps your skin moist and your cells plump.

Use a humidifier in the winter to offset the drying effects of indoor heating, and in the summer if you use air conditioning or live in a dry area. Misting your skin with pure mineral water or a facial mist containing floral waters and aromatherapy essential oils on a regular basis gives an instant and pleasant boost of hydration for your skin throughout the day. Soaking in a warm bath is an excellent approach to hydrate your entire body’s skin. Hot water should be avoided since it might strip your skin’s protecting oils.


Roberta Howarth