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Sep 1

The fridge failure is the most urgent collapse of all home appliances. It's the refrigerator that holds our food products fresh, so that our food is delicious. This is where you'll find milk for your morning coffee, eggs and bacon for breakfast. You can't really picture the mornings without your refrigerator, let alone the whole day. How about two days, huh?


If something goes wrong and your refrigerator or other device doesn't work properly, or you see any indications that it's going to quit running soon – call Advanced Appliance.


We'll send out a technician who'll arrive at your place fast, perform a local freezer repair in Central Monmouth County, so you can enjoy fresh food again.


Types Of Refrigerators We Repair

Specializing in all Types of Refrigerators


  • Top Freezer
  • Bottom Freezer
  • French Door
  • Side-by-Side
  • Built-In
  • Compact or Mini

We Provide Full Service Repair






Advance Fridge offers high-quality operation and maintenance facilities to all big refrigerator models.




Our technicians carry out the troubleshooting of the refrigerator and fix the issue in a timely manner. We're repairing 89% of the breakdowns at your house. The dilemma is going to be fixed so easily that you can almost overlook that it was there before. And of necessity, we are making a warranty on all our facilities.




It also happens that the cause for the improper efficiency of the refrigerator is the malfunction of some portion of the machinery. If the component is out of order, we'll replace it with a related new element. All the spare parts that we use are original and manufactured by the respective brand.


When are you going to contact a specialist?


Common problems, signs and disorders


Strange Noise


When the refrigerator started to create noise, it's already a warning that something went wrong. One should locate the source and eliminate it as quickly as possible, for the disturbance is just the first indication of significant issues that might seem to be as minor as the big ones. And only the expert may make a fair assessment of the case.


Doesn’t cool


Is the refrigerator eventually transformed into a cupboard? Only bring the goods in there, and the temperature is the same as in the room? So, what are you asking for, huh? Your items can be maintained in the refrigerator by preserving those temperatures. There's no point of having it at home as it begins doing so.


Doesn’t stay cold


One more indication of the issue with the efficiency of the refrigerator is that the requisite temperature is steadily being lost. It cools only to a certain temperature from the inside, and then ceases preserving its temperature state. The condition is quite close to the previous one and it still requires urgent repairs.



Bear in mind that no liquid can pass beneath your refrigerator. So it was from its internal component. If your appearance is leaking from time to time, contact your technician. There could be a variety of explanations for this, and only the expert would identify what triggered the effects.


Fridge to warm


Whether the items in the fridge are not frozen, there is something wrong with the freezer. As the key part of the refrigerator and freezer, the temperature should be different. It's by design. If this has changed, please call your repair service.


Ice maker doesn’t make ice


And the last and least of the problems described above, but not less disappointing – when ice, which is often extremely required, is not made. Why has the refrigerator started doing one of its functions? This is what the technician would inform you after the trouble-shooting.


If you feel overwhelmed and need help with your residential refrigerator repair, give us a call.


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