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Keep Your Vacuum Sucking: Essential Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Tips


If you are like lots of people, the last thing on your mind when you vacuum is to clean and also keep your vacuum cleaner. However, it is extremely vital that this procedure be done regularly in order to maintain your carpets. If a vacuum cleaner is not effectively kept, it might get less and even damage your carpet gradually.

Here are some important suggestions that will certainly assist you to keep your vacuum keep peak performance as well as help you stay clear of the vacuum repair shop.

Inspect the Filters

Filter maintenance is important to vacuum performance. It’s recommended that the filters are inspected consistently for clogs, as well as if required changed with a new filter

A well-kept filter will certainly boost the suction power of your vacuum and also avoid dirt, dirt, hair, and various other particles from clogging up the vents in your appliance such that it becomes less reliable over time. Vacuum cleaner owners must replace their vacuum filter every three months or when the vacuum starts to noticeably lose suction power.

Some tips for cleaning your vacuum filter:

  • Do not make use of soap. Soap will clog the filter. Rather, submerge your vacuum cleaner filter in a container of water with some dishwashing detergent (no soap) and scrub it clean using an old toothbrush or sponge to get rid of any kind of caked-on dirt.
  • Allow the filter to correctly completely dry prior to making use of it. Make sure to allow your vacuum filter to dry 24-hour before utilizing it once more.

Inspect the Brush Roll

The brush roll is a crucial component of the vacuum cleaner that aids to move dust and also debris into brushes. The significance of this tool can not be overstated, so it is necessary to routinely look for indications of wear or damage. Examine if there are any frays in the bristles on either side (front & back) along with whether it moves easily. If it does not, you can either replace the brush or get rid of any type of particles that might be preventing it from rotating.

It’s Okay to Open Up the Vacuum Head to Clean the Brush Roll

You possibly do not think of the within your vacuum head too often. Nonetheless, it is very important to periodically open up and also clean the dust that has built up in time. Doing so will certainly not only make your house cleaner as well as much healthier but will additionally help prevent fires brought on by overheating motors or brushes.

It is easy to access directly on most vacuum cleaners. It must simply be a matter of getting rid of the bottom plate, brush roll cover, as well as revealing the location where it can be cleaned up. Some vacuums might require a screwdriver to do this, while lots of plates merely snap off.

It is suggested to utilize an old toothbrush to clear out any kind of dust or hair that may have gathered on both sides (front & back) as well as around each specific cord in the bristles.

Check the Belts

Belts are an important part of the vacuum cleaner. They link the electric motor to the brush roll and also transform it, thrusting dirt right into a bag or up through vents.

It’s advised that belts be inspected every six months for wear and changed when necessary. A correctly preserved belt will not slip on the electric motor and also will certainly not trigger the brush roll to totter or obtain captured, which can cause further damage to your vacuum.

What’s That Odor?

Focus on any strange scents while vacuuming. If you smell any type of burning or rubber scents coming from the vacuum, unplug it immediately and also have a technician take a look. A bad odor can indicate that there is something incorrect with your brush roll belt, motor brushes, or perhaps an electrical brief.

Stay Clear Of Vacuuming Powder

If you have ever before put something powdery on your carpet– like a carpet freshener or odor-fighting sodium bicarbonate– make sure NOT to utilize your vacuum cleaner when cleaning it up.

Never vacuum up anything that is constructed from powder. This includes sugar, flour, sand, or any other substance with a granular structure. If you vacuum this product it may become embedded in the brush’s bristles and also prevent them from rotating openly- resulting in an insufficient clean.

Look for Another Filter

Cleaned the filter as well as still losing suction? Your cleaner may have a second filter. Examine the bottom of your vacuum cleaner for an added filter.

DIY: Use a Wire Hanger to Clear the Roller or Tube

If you have attempted cleaning up the filter as well as still discover a decline in suction, attempt using a cable hanger to remove particles from inside your vacuum cleaner’s pipe or roller. Make certain you do not poke holes in the hosepipe!

Buy the Right Vacuum the First TIme

If you have actually tried all these tips as well as your vacuum cleaner still works, maybe that you just need a better quality vacuum. It is common to think that a vacuum cleaner is damaged when it stops working, but the reality might be that your vacuum just isn’t suitable with the kind of carpet you have. As an example, upright Hoovers are often better at eliminating deep-set dirt on thick carpets contrasted to other kinds of vacuum cleaners.

Before you buy a brand-new vacuum cleaner, it’s ideal to chat with the experts at your regional Boulder vacuum service shop.


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