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Is Refrigerator Repair Worth it?

Jul 8

A refrigerator that hisses, sweats, leaks or cycles on and off repeatedly tells you that it needs to be repaired or, worse, should be replaced. Deciding what to do depends on how old it is and how much fixing it will cost you. As a rule, if the cost of Repairs Appliance Tulsa is more than half the price of buying a new one, Consumer Reports recommends replacing a product. By checking our updated repair-or-replace timelines, you can make your own call.


According to our latest reliability data and our most recent Repair or Replace survey, in which 27,404 subscribers told us about the problems they had with 53,218 broken appliances, electronics, lawn equipment, and more, a side-by-side refrigerator with an icemaker is more than twice as repair-prone as top- or bottom-freezer models without an icemaker.


Icemakers are "the banner of the existence of any refrigerator," says Chris Hall, president of, which provides customers with repair advice and sells appliance parts. The repair rate for side-by-side refrigerators with an icemaker was 36 percent in our latest report; the rate for top- and bottom-freezers with an icemaker was 28 percent and the rate for top- and bottom-freezers without an icemaker was 28 percent.


The refrigerator's configuration and age are also factors in whether you should repair it, consider a repair or buy a new one. According to our 8-year timeline:


  • It is worth repairing constructed-in refrigerators;
  • Side-by-sides within a 5-year window should be repaired and then considered for repair;
  • Bottom-freezers should be repaired and then considered for repair within 7 years;
  • Top-freezers should be repaired for a period of 3 years, considered for repair for a period of 3 to 6, and replaced if they are 7 years or older.


You can take comfort in the fact that today's models use less energy than older refrigerators if you have to replace your refrigerator and, since they're on all the time, a new one can save you money in the long run. We rate energy efficiency refrigerators at Consumer Reports and also estimate how much it will cost you to run each model for a year. For example, running the four-door model costs $87