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Jul 8


Frigidaire is a consumer and commercial appliance brand based in the United States. Frigidaire began as the Guardian Frigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1916, and produced the first self-contained refrigerator (invented by Nathaniel B. Wales and Alfred Mellowes). William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors, personally invested in the company in 1918, and it adopted the name Frigidaire in 1919. In the early twentieth century, the brand was so well known in the refrigeration industry that many Americans referred to any refrigerator, regardless of brand, as a "Frigidaire." The slang term "fridge" may have originated with the name Frigidaire or its earlier version, Frigerator.


General Motors owned the company from 1919 to 1979. During that time, it was a subsidiary of Delco-Light before becoming an independent division based in Dayton, Ohio. Frigidaire was sold to the White Sewing Machine Company in 1979, which was then bought out by Electrolux, the company's current parent, in 1986.


SmartLiving has long used Frigidaire appliances in their kitchens. Frigidaire appliances have a good reputation for being both affordable and durable. Each model is extremely well-made and should provide its owner with many years of hard work. Anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck will be pleased with Frigidaire products. Aside from producing a high-quality product at a reasonable price, the company has worked hard to establish a customer service department that is easy to work with and will answer any questions you may have.


When you buy a Frigidaire product, you expect it to last for many years before you need to think about repairing it. Many people are unaware of how quickly that time will pass. Your Frigidaire products will eventually stop working at peak efficiency. We strongly advise you to contact us if this occurs. We can assist!


Our friendly and dependable technicians can diagnose and repair all of your Frigidaire appliances on-the-spot. We guarantee the lowest price and the best service in Bergen and Rockland Counties. The job isn't finished until you're completely satisfied!

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When you contact us, you can be confident that your issue will be handled with the utmost respect and courtesy. We provide emergency service on weekends and holidays, whether you own a small house with only a few appliances or manage a large apartment complex or business.


If you feel overwhelmed and need help finding Frigidaire repair NJ, give us a call.


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