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SmartLiving Appiance Repair Service – Free Service Call with Any Repair


We will send an expert technician to your home when you book an appointment with us. A full written estimate, which includes all charges needed to return your device to the top of the line, is always available. You can usually give your technician life expectancy, preventive measures and regular maintenance tips to determine if you want to carry out a repair or not.


Your service call is free if our technician has completed any repair!


You only pay the cost of your estimated repair. And you’re not going to be overloaded!


Technicians will never add diagnostic fees, time rates or travel costs. You pay only our low service call for your journey home and written price, if you decide to refurbish your appliance! This is a fair deal now!


What you should expect from your technician


  • High level of skill, professionalism and courtesy
  • Friendly service
  • Free service call with any repair
  • A complete diagnosis of the problem – FREE with any repair
  • An exact price quote in writing. (guaranteed accurate)
  • Your approval and authorization required prior to repair work


As equipment is today more sophisticated, there are no average repair costs. After examining your appliance, our technician will determine the exact cost or repair needed. The technician will explain the exact cost and repairs at this time and will work only with your approval.


About our flat rate repair costs… know no surprises in advance!

Our service charge is a flat fee on a home visit at SmartLiving Service. The reasons for required repairs are explained by our trained technicians. In accordance with the Main Appliance Service national pricing manual (MASPG), which is also referred to as the ‘blue book’ for the necessary repairs in the device industry, you will be quoted at a flat, fixed rate. You always know the repair cost in advance and there are no exceptions.

We strive to offer the most competitive price for appliance repairs and services – the same day.


If you are looking for an appliance repaire free estimate, give us a call.


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