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Lion Head Wood Carving

Aug 4

This article will instruct you about the Iconography for Lions as well as the art of deduction required to carve a lion's skull. Additionally, you will be taught the different ways to create the skull of a lion. In addition, you'll learn how to wash the head of the Lion and also how you can use a chisel finish the carving. This article is hopefully informative. Please share this article with your family and friends!

The Lion Iconography

It is likely that you've seen wood carvings of lion heads previously. They are a sought-after design element in England. But what are they exactly? The country in which the lion heads were created will influence their iconography. In England for instance, lion heads were common on ships. In addition, the lion was the most formidable predator however, it also served as the country's coat of arms. Sculptures of lion heads are available in a variety of styles, such as those that are inspired by the contemporary head of a lion.

In most cases the heads of lions are connected to architectural sculpture. In the case of keystones depicting battle-like Athena, a lion's crest as well as forepaws and head are visible. Two atlantes portray the hero Hercules on the other side. In both cases the head of the lion as well as its crest serve as codpieces. This symbolism has many uses today.

Techniques to carve a head of an lion

There are a variety of ways to carve the head of an leopard. The first step is to draw a sketch of the head. You can draw tiny circles on the vertical line to serve as eyes. Then, draw triangles to represent the nose and mouth, after which draw a line within the eyes to indicate the nose bridge. Then, put the tail of the lion onto the back. This step may take a while.

After you have completed the sketch of your head, you are able to add the more intricate details. It is possible to use various pen nibs to create hair that is thick. You can also try using stippling, a method where you apply a variety of dots to create texture. You should do this when the ink has fully dried prior to erasing the drawing. A lion's head drawing can be found on Facebook.

Clean a Lion's Head

You can wash the head of a lion using brushes by gently getting rid of hair. If you are carving with a block, be sure that you place the lion's head two inches (5.08 cm) below the top of the block. After that, remove the head from the block, making sure to reserve the area for the mane. Next, draw the lower body of the lion, which includes its hind paws , which extend to the sides.

Clean the carving by using gentle cloth dampened with warm water. Do not soak the wood. Do not rub the wood or blot it excessively as this could result in damage to the paint or the wood. Moreover, water will cause the paint on your carving to crack or fade. If you intend to paint the head of a lion ensure that you use a non-abrasive polish instead. To scrub the carving clean, you can use an old tooth brush.

Using a knife to carve the head of a lion

It is both enjoyable and difficult to carve the head of a lion with the help of a knife. The head of the lion should be in the center and two inches below the edge of the block. Start carving the mane and neck, and make small cuts for the nose and eyes. Once you've completed the head, it's time to start carving the legs, body and hind legs. To create a realistic Lion, make small cuts in order to get the perfect shape.

The lion's head should be round. Begin by putting the lion's head at the intersection of the eyelids and head. This will give the head an appearance of an owl. The points connecting the head and body must be smooth. Once you've cut your face, it should look similar to an lion's head. When you've finished carving your head, you'll be left with the head of a lion.

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