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May 20

Service for Oriental Rugs in an Emergency

An Oriental Rug Cleaning Arlington VA of high quality will never go out of fashion or lose its value. Original, hand-made Persian or Turkish rugs can be expensive over time. They will also become more beautiful with age. You will be a huge fan of textile arts and know a lot about high-quality fibers and dyes. This means you won't get bored looking at the Oriental carpets in your living room and bedrooms. These carpets were originally designed to provide high levels of comfort for the feet. The dense fibers also keep warmth in. This is why knotted wool versions are great for those who live in colder areas. These same fibers have been known to block sound vibrations from reverberating off walls. This ensures amazing comfort without compromising your home's style. What if those same fibers were covered in pet urine and coffee spillages? Some stains can be cleaned on the spot using a few DIY solutions. However, carpets with bleeding or running dyes and colors could be irreparably damaged if you try to wash them.

It is best to leave the professionals to handle a spilled coffee or paint stain on your Persian or Turkish carpet. We can come out and assess the carpet for you if you contact us immediately after you notice the stain. Sometimes we will need to remove heavy artillery or use special dry cleaning products. Sometimes, regular steam cleaning is enough. It doesn't matter what, it's better to trust the knowledge of professionals than to try to do it by ear.

Let's take a look at some of the most effective and safest spillage removal techniques you can use on Oriental carpets in an emergency.

How to Deal with Fresh Liquid Spills

Carpets will usually be covered with spillages from coffee, fruit juice, red wine, and coolaid. Grab a towel and begin blotting the stain with a clean, dry towel. You have a better chance of restoring your carpet to its original form if you get rid of most of the water as soon as possible. You might be able to use paper towels. You might be able to dilute the liquid and make it easier to remove. To avoid further damage, don't pour liters upon the carpet. You may see the precious colors bleeding onto the floor and carpet from some area rugs that are dyed in running colors. You should read the instructions carefully to learn what you can and cannot do with cleaning and maintaining your carpet. It is best to keep a carpet from getting wet for as long as possible.

Although it is possible to dry an Oriental carpet without causing any damage, it is better to not get it wet at all. To speed up drying, you can either use your patio or a fan to raise the carpet. You should make an appointment with a professional cleaning service if the stains persist after drying.


How to Remove Pet Waste Stains

It is important to be there when it happens, or shortly after it occurs. The trick is to spot it in time and know what to do.

  • Use a paper towel to wipe the urine. Remember that dog urine is acidic and can cause yellow spots in your yard. So, get out a paper towel and clean it as soon as possible.
  • For example, a urine stain on an Oriental rug made from wool can cause the colors to fade, leave yellowish or white stains that are not appealing to the eye or create a mess. You will be able to handle a urine stain much quicker than you would if it were not too late.
  • Let the mixture of white vinegar (be sure to distill it) and water sit on the carpet for a few minutes. The mixture should further dissolve the urine and help to eliminate the stain. To avoid further damage, it is advisable to contact a professional carpet cleaner if you have a color-bleeding area.

Contact our customer service to discuss your emergency care needs. We will be happy to assist you at a rapid pace and at low prices.


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