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Differences Between New And Used Tyres

Apr 13

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Why should you choose to use tires?

There are many good reasons why you should consider old tires over new tires. They're also less expensive. Used tires are a great alternative if you aren't able to afford new tires. There are used tires available.

They last longer than brand new tires, meaning you don't need to change them as frequently. Additionally, used tires have greater traction than brand new tires, meaning they will perform well regardless of the weather.

U.S. Tire & Window Tint offers the best used tires to suit your needs, regardless of the reason. Our prices are unbeatable , and we have a wide selection of old tires to choose from!

How do I change the Tire

It's not easy to change your tire if you've never attempted it before. We're here to assist you! These steps will allow you to change your tire yourself in the shortest amount of time.

First, you'll need to have these items including a spare tire as well as a lug wrench, and an Jack. A flashlight is a great option in the event that you require to look under your car.

The next step is to find an open spot to park your vehicle. After you've located a parking location, switch on the hazard light. After that, you can adjust your parking brake. Now is the time to go!

Utilize the lug wrench to loosen the nuts of the tire you change. They don't need to be removed completely. Only enough to allow them to remove by hand. It is now time to raise the vehicle.

Then, put the jack under the vehicle's frame and lift it to the point that your tire is over the surface. Now you can take the lug nuts off the tire. Put the spare tire on the car and then tighten the lug nuts as tight you can. The vehicle must be brought to the level of the ground. After that, you can use your lug wrench to make sure you tighten them as much as you are able to.

Do you require new tires?

It is crucial to determine when your tyres require to be replaced. You can determine the tread's depth by taking a look. The "penny test" is a method to determine the depth of the tread. By turning Lincoln's head upside down put a penny into the tread's most deep section. You're ready to change your tires if you can clearly observe Lincoln's head. If you are unable to be able to see Lincoln's head then you are in good shape!

Sidewalls can be another method to tell whether your tyres require replacement. It is recommended to replace your tyres in the event that there are tears or cracks. If the tyre has been damaged or worn in any way, it must be replaced.

The difference between new and used Tyres

The tread depth is the primary distinction between new and used tyres. New tyres have a complete tread depth, whereas used tyres have a lower tread depth. Cuts and cracks in the sidewalls are more frequent on used tyres. A used tire of good quality could be just as good as the brand new version if it is maintained.


Let's end by saying that tyres that are new and used must be regularly examined. It is recommended to replace any cuts, cracks or wear that is excessive if you spot them. U.S. Tire & Window Tint offers great prices on used and new tires! Contact us now for more details!