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An Electrician Near Me

Mar 31

Need an Electrician Near Me For My Home Office Set Up!

More people are working from home and looking for an “Electrician Near Me” to help with their home office setup.

Multivolt Services is near you and can help with all your home office electrical requirements!
We have seen a significant increase in two electrical work areas related to home office comfort and functionality! These are data cabling requests and ceiling fan installation requests.
Having a home office requires steady internet connectivity and a comfortable environment.

electrician near me


Let’s look at the cabling requirements that your Local electrician can do.

We’ve all had to endure poor Wi-Fi networks that are slow to load or have frequent dropouts, whether at home or work.
Many people are now working from home. As a result, they rely upon Zoom or Teams to be connected with their work colleagues and clients. When you moved into your home, you did not plan to do more work from home.

Your local electrician can help you set up your network for your home or business. 

Several factors can cause problems with your home or workplace network. Some can be fixed relatively easily with the right technical know-how, while others require some in-depth planning from the initial setup.

Some common causes of Wi-Fi problems are:

  • Hardware that is not suitable. 
  • Is your modem router enough for what you need?
  • Are the access points in the right location, and is your cabling up to scratch?

These are the simple reasons your network is not performing as well as it should, and these can be easily fixed.
The bigger picture reasons can relate to the actual building’s structure. Multi storeys, wall placement and internal structures can all interrupt the internet signal.

If you plan on moving into a new workspace, getting us to do an initial assessment of the building can give you the needed information as part of your business setup costings. There is nothing worse than unexpected electrical work being required due to your workplace needing a new network set up. 
We can help you choose the correct location to set up office space and install the Access point locations in the best positions.

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