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Why is my electric or gas clothes dryer is not heating up?

Feb 1

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If your clothes dryer is not heating up here are a few things to check.

Going to your laundry room or area and putting wet clothes in you dryer and starting it letting a complete cycle run and you come back and your clothes are still wet! Our technicians can come to your home or business and get your residential or commercial dryers working like new again. Be sure and have your dryer vent check for blockage as it is a safety concern.

This is frustrating! Stay calm and don’t worry. We can get you through this. Here are a few things you can check first.

1. The dryer is not plugged in.

2. Dryer door wasn’t completely closed.

3. The lint trap and or screen is clogged.

4. The dryer vent is partially or completely blocked. BTW this one is very dangerous as it can cause a fire.

5. The heating element is blocked with debris shutting down the thermostat.

6. If you have a gas dryer make sure you have gas flow. Make sure the gas valve supplying the dryer is on.

7. Check to see if you have a tripped circuit breaker in your electrical panel.

Make sure your washing machine’s spin cycle is wringing enough water out of the clothes. Really wet clothes will take forever to dry in the dryer.

8. Other common issues that can cause dryer issues:

1. The thermal fuse

2. Defective heating element

3. Broken thermostat

4. Defective timer motor

5. An electrical or gas problem.

6. Check the door switch.


If you are not able to determine your problem after these steps call the professionals for dryer repair in Edmond OK. Be sure and call  Edmond Appliance Repair at 405-531-0055 or on the web at