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It's summertime in Edmond Oklahoma and your freezer isn't working?

Jan 31

Young Male Repairman Fixing Freezer In Kitchen


Summer is upon us and if you are reading this page in Edmond Oklahoma and if your freezer has shut down or is not working up to par then you may need professional help.

But when your freezer is full of meat and your work deadlines are hitting your neck on a hot summer day, it's almost impossible. So sit back, relax, and read this easy-to-understand list of potential reasons why your freezer might not be working. While there are many problems you can experience with your freezer, there are many simple fixes to restore frozen food storage in no time.

You might check and see if it plugged in and that it has power to it but beyond that don't wait and loose all of that food and other items in it to thawing out.

Once you know a little more about the situation, you'll be ready to get the freezer repair help you need. Be sure to schedule a repair or inspection after the device has thawed, as there is little a technician can do when the device is frozen.

The seal around the freezer door can be another problem when the freezer is running but not freezing. In addition, using the freezer to cool hot food or frequently opening the freezer will affect the internal temperature. Excessive heat will force your refrigerator or garage freezer to work very hard to keep you cool, wearing out and sending your energy bill into the stratosphere.

The freezer is one of those devices that is generally not appreciated until it is properly frozen. This is the heat you feel when blowing near the freezer while it is in the refrigeration cycle. There, the refrigerant absorbs the heat inside the heating freezer and cools the contents even as the refrigerant returns as hot vapor. If it is worn and torn, the freezer uses more energy to do its job.

If dust and dirt build up around the evaporator coils that deliver refrigerant to the heat pump, it can put extra stress on the air conditioning system, putting the evaporator coils at risk of freezing. Especially in humid climates, the evaporator coil has to work very hard to remove all the moisture from the air. The frozen evaporator coil should now be thawed when you check and fix any airflow, refrigerant, thermostat, and drainage issues.

Some issues are minor and all you may need is a small Edmond device repair to get it back up and running. Typically, appliance repair Edmond will tell you if the machine needs to be taken to a workshop or if interior repairs can be done. If you have a leaky sink or an air conditioner that isn't cooling, we'll take care of all your service needs.

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