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How to Choose Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Jan 24

Whether building a new home or remodeling, you’ll find there are many plumbing fixtures and accessories available. The choices can seem overwhelming, and you’ll want to make sure the items you choose are both durable and decorative. Using the guide below, choose bathroom plumbing fixtures that will fit well with your decor plans while providing adequate use for the long term.


Fixtures for the bathroom should be practical and durable.

They should be sturdy enough to withstand years of usage without wearing easily, rusting, or molding. Consider your entire décor including the colors of your floors and walls and the style used on other items in the room.


Choosing a Bathtub

When selecting a bathtub, there are four basic bathtub styles. The old-type enamel cast-iron bathtub with the China-glazing finish is popular with new constructions. It is extremely heavy and offers quietness while being filled with water. This tub usually comes as a basic five-foot tub with few styles to choose from.


Next, there’s the molded plastic bathtub, which resembles the cast-iron tubs but is usually thicker. This tub is more lightweight and great for remodeling – especially when the tile is already on the floor. This type of bathtub can come in several styles and colors, including a full shower/tub combination with built-in walls.

The enameled steel tub comes in white or a variety of colors and is finished with a ceramic-glazed material.


Next is the fiberglass tub, which can be installed on a platform or in the floor. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Some have spa features as well. This type of tub is high-priced, some even costing in the thousands of dollars.

Shower stalls come in several styles such as a pre-built shower base, fabricated shower stall, and the fiberglass enclosed shower stall. Pricing varies according to size, style, and brand name.


Choosing a Toilet

The toilet should be comfortable and practical. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but sometimes paying more means getting better quality. There are now toilets with higher gallons/flush capabilities – up to the government’s standard of 1.6 gallons per flush. If you want to save on your water bill, opt for an efficiency toilet that flushes 1.3 gallons per flush. There are also dual-flush toilets that offer two flush buttons – one for liquid waste removal and one for solid waste removal. The liquid waste button, of course, uses less water per flush.


Bathroom Sink Options

The bathroom sink is essential and has many uses – from brushing your teeth to shaving to facial cleansings each night! A popular bathroom sink is a V-shaped vessel sink bowl, which is made of glass, copper or stainless steel. There are also bathroom vanities with the sink already built-in for easy installation. Types of sinks include pedestal sinks, which provide no storage underneath, under-counter sinks, and above-counter sinks.


Faucets and Other Bathroom Items

Choose durable faucets made of materials that are rust-free and provide an even flow of water. With small children, you’ll want to be sure the faucets have temperature settings built in to prevent scalding. For decor purposes, choose matching faucets for the bathtub and sink. Also, be sure the faucet will last for many years without dripping. Faucets come in many shapes and styles – some are plain, and some are fancy. Some popular finishes for faucets include brass, brushed nickel, oiled bronze, and the favorite chrome plate.

Accessorize your bathroom with other fixtures and accessories to complete your decor. You can go online to find great products in almost any style you need. Also, you can find other home accessories online such as ironing centers, door hardware, cabinet hardware, towel warmers, and more.

Choose your bathroom plumbing fixtures wisely for a pleasant and long-lasting bathroom.


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